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Vendor Information 

We’ve long believed that the Wonderful World of Weddings is “the place to be for the bride-to-be.” Undoubtedly, it’s also the place to be for bridal businesses looking to grow their unique enterprise.

Each year, our prestigious Show presents several dozens of exhibitors from every aspect of wedding and event planning. From wedding gowns and tuxedos to music, photographers, reception halls, limos, and more, our impressive list of exhibitors gains valuable exposure, name awareness, and most importantly, high-quality leads. Don’t miss this business-building opportunity–be sure to join us in 2021 for our biggest and best shows ever!


Advertising & Promotion

Our shows will be promoted with an aggressive marketing program, utilizing radio, television, and print advertising, special promotions, social media, email campaigns, a wedding blog, and ongoing public relations. All advertising will target brides-to-be, their wedding parties, mothers of the bride, wedding planners, and other special occasion planners throughout the show areas.  


Booth Cost 


Our booth cost will always be a fraction of what the other shows charge.    We understand it from a small business perspective and, realize you should not have to "break the bank"  to participate in a high-quality show.  The average cost per show is around $375 -$500.  


Our cost is much less than the average big-name wedding show to exceed thousands of dollars.  Invest your money in shows that you'll get a return on and that won't break the bank!  We get the same bridal traffic, and excellent results and are a business partner on a daily basis for our vendors.  


Our Promise to You


We will always be loyal to our vendor partners!  We'll treat you with the respect that you and your business deserve, not to mention produce the highest quality shows possible.   We want to retain a great professional working relationship as we support you to help you grow your business. 


We will lead our shows with our company values:   Passion, Integrity, and Diversity!   




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